Learn all about baking with Active Yeast

Find out what you need to know about making dough with Active Yeast.

Active yeast is used to make dough rise when baking bread, cakes or other pastries. It is easy to use but it is important to follow the directions that come with it.

The way active yeast works is that it contains living cells. These cells when activated exposed to water. Once activated and put in with the dough mix, the cells eat the sugars and convert them to gas (carbon dioxide) which causes the dough to rise.


Active Yeast vs. Instant Yeast

Active Yeast and Instant Yeast both work well and are pretty much interchangeable. Instant yeast is stronger than active yeast and can be put directly into the mix with the other dry ingredients. Active yeast must first be started with some liquid priot to using in the recipe. If it is not started correctly the dough may not rise the correct amount.

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